Thursday, December 4, 2014

Daily Post: What's On My Bedside Table?

Ahh, take a deep breathe in.

Can you smell that?

Peppermint, Christmas, and procrastination at its finest.

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Yes, I should be studying for my Calculus test and doing that thirty page history reading on Lincoln, but I am a proud member of the procrastination nation. And this week, I decided to share the books currently piling up on my bedside table. I have some goodies here, but I haven't finished all of them yet, so here's how its going so far!

This 700 hundred page monstrosity about a young lady in Industrial Era Britain will haunt me forever, but because Jennifer Donnelly is one of my all time favorite historical fiction authors, (Revolution, A Northern Light), I decided to persevere. AND it takes place during my favorite historical era (late 1800s anyone?).

History geek alert!

But I'm a hundred pages in and I think its perfect for the 14 hour drive to South Carolina. Definitely going to enjoy this one.

Ahh, cancer books. We love to hate them. But Side Effects May Vary is not really a cancer book. Its about a girl with terminal cancer who gets revenge on the people who wronged her, but is forced to pay the consequences when she goes into remission.

I love the idea, I really do, but about fifty pages in, and I'm not really a fan of the writing, and the characters are kinda iffy. I'm sticking it out because of the potential, and I'm hoping it doesn't fall into every cliche pothole, because it can easily.

I AM A DIE HARD PERCY JACKSON FAN. He was my second book character crush (first being Alex Rider), and I could not wait to read the final book in this series. After successfully stealing it from my eleven year old sister, I powered through it.

And I loved it.

Rick Riordan, my man, you never disappoint, and I'll be waiting for the next brilliance you publish.

**Disclaimer** If you are a pragmatic reader who despises cliches and seeing their characters happy and unrealistic expectations in love, you'll hate this book.

But I'm not *squeals* and I totally reveled in the sappiness of this book. It was about two people with an "undeniable connection and true love", but it was kinda a feel good paranormal book, that gave me warm fuzzies.

Those warm fuzzies, however, disappeared by the third book. *shudders* More on that later bloggettes.

All I have to say is blah.

Blah blah blah.

I got twenty pages into this and felt nothing. It would have been a bestseller five years ago, but now this sci-fi paranormal stuff has to be extraordinary to hold my attention. And this was kind of mediocre.

But 14 hour car ride may lead me to succumbing to its mediocrity, so who knows what will happen?

If it's any good, I'll post a review. If it's not, you won't see one. :)

After the author coming to visit our school and a friend constantly extolling it's virtues, I decided to give it a shot.

But I haven't started it yet. Oops...

BUT the idea seems fascinating and I love suspenseful books (not movies), and I think I'll like it.

As for the summary...the title kind of says it all.

 And that, ladies and gents, damas y caballeros, are the wonderful books about to break my bedside table, but eagerly awaiting winter break.  I hope you all have wonderful two hells weeks before we all drown in snow and sand for break.

If you have any interesting books on your bedside table/in your backpack/in your Hermione bewitched handbag, comment below and we may just review it. ;)

And with that note...

Adios blogettes.


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