Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daily post! November 23

Hey guys! This week I'm doing a daily post since I haven't had the time to read a book yet. Instead, I guess I'll share something interesting I did this weekend; I saw the movie Interstellar!

Now. . . There is a TON of stuff I liked about this movie.

First off, I liked the themes and symbolism Nolan portrayed. I'm not going to say too much, except that there was a lot of things he said about human nature, love, ambition/regret/mistakes, greed, and great stuff. If you like that sort of thing (which I love), you'll be a happy camper.

Now for you brainy movie-goers: my brother, who is definitely a enjoys "cerebral" movies, said he "thoroughly enjoyed" Interstellar. Lots of theoretical physics and theory and science to wrap your head around, but not necessarily too brainy to take away from the overall movie.

The feels: BUENO. Um, I'm not even ashamed to say I cried twice during this movie, and I held back! A couple times I was like "I WILL NOT CRY!! NO."

Lastly . . . The soundtrack. I wholeheartedly enjoy Hans Zimmer's music, I admit, but . . . It's freaking amazing. It goes flawlessly with the scenes, and gave me the tingles, and GEHHHH feels.

My favorite scene? Well, I'm big on cinematography, so I'd have to say the scene Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) docks the ship, and the stars are swirling and spinning around them. I just thought it was beautiful.

There were definite flaws in the movie, but I'd rather be positive and focus on the goodie-feels I got from it.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: I GOT PAID FINALLY! Yeah I was overly ambitious back a few months back and took on a part-time job, and found it wasn't for me. I didn't think I was going to get paid (because they never gave me my debit card), but I did! It finally came in the mail, so me happy
 Alrighty then.
Kisses and hugs~~~~~

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