Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giveaway: $50 gift card plus Nordic Fairy ebooks!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you guys know you can enter this giveaway for the Nordic Fairies series and a $50 gift card towards Amazon or Barnes and Nobles. It is being hosted by the author, Saga Berg. Want to know more about her?

Saga Berg was born in Sweden during the snow storm of 1979 and knew already at the age of seven that she wanted to become a writer. She studied English and Communication at the University of Malmo, then took her Bachelor in Marketing- and Communications at the same University.

After working a few years as a Marketing Manager, Saga Berg started writing the novella series Nordic Fairies, her first published story. The Nordic Fairies series is a low fantasy novella series with a new concept of fairies and introduces Nordic light and dark fairies, Liosalfar and Dockalfar fighting for balance in a contemporary world. The series has been very well received by readers in all ages with high ratings and amazing reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Three parts of the series is currently published, Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1), and Freja (Nordic Fairies, #2)Dockalfar, (Nordic Fairies, #3), and Daughters (Nordic Fairies, #4). So far, a total of six parts are planned in the Nordic Fairies series.

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