Friday, July 27, 2012

Elemental by Brigid Kemmerer

Title: Elemental
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Reviewed by: Cassie
Rating: 5 glass slippers

Summary (from

As an air Elemental, 17-year-old Emily Morgan doesn't have much power. That's okay-she knows what happens to kids who do.
Like Michael Merrick. He's an earth Elemental, one with enough power to level cities. Which makes him sexy, dangerous, and completely off limits. At least according to Emily's family.
But her summer job puts her in close contact with Michael, and neither of them can help the attraction they feel. When forces of nature like theirs collide, one misstep could get someone killed. Because Emily's family doesn't just want her to stay away from him.
They want him dead.

Since this is a novella it is very short and doesn't have much of a beginning middle or end. But let me tell you this, it does not disappoint. Seriously, I had to put it down several times just to legitimately squeal and go "AW!!" It's way cute. It's way awesome. And it's way worth your time.

The girl-
Emily is the secret family rebel. She needs the job that's in jeopardy (because of Michael Merrick) to save up money to move out. She doesn't want to live with all of this hate her family has for the Merricks. In fact, she just wants a fresh start. She's heard all the stories about Michael and is scared witless when he comes to her new job. Yet she can't help being drawn to him... At first she is the girl who believes her family's lies about Michael. Soon, she becomes the not-so-secret rebel. I like her :) A funny thought of hers? -->

Don't be stupid. Even serial killers can be hot."

The guy-
Okay so in Storm, I couldn't understand or really like Michael. But dang, reverse the clock seven years and Michael is SO CUTE!!! I can die in peace now, thinking about a sexy, sexy boy who is extremely dangerous... yet extremely gentle?!? Booyah! He is so, so lovable.

"She looked ridiculous and adorable and he tried not to laugh."

The story-
It's cute. Tragic, from what we know in Storm. Completely relatable and totally explains the mystery of what happened (mostly). Can't wait for more!

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