Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

Title: Bittersweet
Author: Sarah Ockler
Reviewed by: Rafia
What we say: Deliciously amazing!

Summary from Goodreads:  
Once upon a time, Hudson knew exactly what her future looked like. Then a betrayal changed her life, and knocked her dreams to the ground. Now she’s a girl who doesn’t believe in second chances... a girl who stays under the radar by baking cupcakes at her mom’s diner and obsessing over what might have been.

So when things start looking up and she has another shot at her dreams, Hudson is equal parts hopeful and terrified. Of course, this is also the moment a cute, sweet guy walks into her life... and starts serving up some seriously mixed signals. She’s got a lot on her plate, and for a girl who’s been burned before, risking it all is easier said than done.

It’s time for Hudson to ask herself what she really wants, and how much she’s willing to sacrifice to get it. Because in a place where opportunities are fleeting, she knows this chance may very well be her last...

So, I have this thing for cupcakes. And hockey players. And contemporary books. But put it together, BAM! You have a very happy Rafia ;). I've been eyeing this book for a while now and when I finally got my hands on it, I wasn't disappointed! The summary is a little inaccurate, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't an extremely emotional or intense book and it was a nice, light read for sure!

I gotta say, Hudson wasn't my favorite kick-ass character but she definitely sassy and held out on her own. She didn't really stick to ideals with Will which sorely annoyed me. Heck, Will just annoyed me in general, but that was probably the point of his annoying annoyingness. BUT Hudson was really cool with how she deal with the hockey players and she was pretty awesome on the ice. I was so glad when she finally came to her sense though! I liked her strong sense of family ideals and her "take no nonsense" attitude but she was a little annoying at times.

Josh... *swoon* can someone get me some smelling salts over here? He was so sweet, caring, and another Hockey Player. Yes, we must caps that for Hockey Player is a respect role around here ;).  But you must earn the caps! And boy oh boy, did Josh did or what? I wanted to smack Hudson over the head and get her to see the amazing guy in front of her! If a guy brings you music and skates with you on a lake, why not appreciate him?! I wish there was more depth to his character, because it seemed like there was a lot more to him than what met the eye. 

Bittersweet was a great book and a light read. There were parts that could have been improved but overall, it was a nice break from some paranormal and fantasy books! Thanks for stopping by and be sure to comment!



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  1. Omg, I read Bittersweet. Josh, was totally swoon-worthy. When that snow storm hit, that scene was just beautiful! <3 Thanks for the amazing review, though!

    ~Demi @ Characterized Book Reviews
    - Long time, no see, Rafia! (: